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Eco education for the youth
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Greenitiative is a Romanian environmental NGO focused on promoting  eco education, green building and living and the sustainable development of Romanian rural communities. We have worked with over 25 schools, more than 5500 students, 200 teachers, companies and local authorities in projects that usually last for months and aim at changing behaviors and attitudes and improving information related to environmental issues such as climate change, energy sustainability, resource conservation, green economy and environmental-friendly development.

The interest in green building made the founders of this NGO go far enough to build a home for their family and a very small office building for Greenitiative using both traditional and new building techniques and materials. Our interest for sustainable development at the community level brought us in close contact with various stakeholders in order to improve the understanding and engagement of different local actors in the sustainable development of their communities.

Where will the shift come from?

If we are to change the energy paradigm on this Planet and truly become a carbon-free society, then our politicians have a lot of work to do  in the coming years…

How about ourselves? Are we ready to bet on the new green economy? Are we really willing to invest our savings into an energy-efficient home, solar panels or an electric car?

We believe that changing the political agenda is by all means very important. But changing people’s way of living, putting environmental and energy sustainability on top of ordinary citizens’ personal agendas is just as critical and necessary. That is why we decided, back in 2007, to embark on a green adventure focused on education, green building and the sustainable development of Romanian communities.