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The Green Mogo Energy Training and Advice Center

The “he Green Mogo Energy Training and Advice Center” was created with the support of EEA-Grants – NGO Fund with the goal to showcase building solutions with low environmental impact, focusing on energy sustainability and adaptation to climate change.  The „building as a training-tool” concept has been used since April 2016 (the year when the Green Mogo Centre was inaugurated) and has been proved to be a successful method to convince Romanians that we can build with a low impact on the environment while adapting to climate change. Even as early as during its construction, the Center proved a useful infrastructure for Greenitiative to run its training and advisory programs for pupils, university students, professionals in the building trade, people planning to build their own houses, energy poor and vulnerable families. Many of the students in architecture who participated in workshops continued as volunteers in Greenitiative activities at the Center, transforming their involvement in a long-term learning experience. After the inauguration in April 2016, a constantly upward trend started to emerge in terms of number of visitors and types of activities occurring in this new green facility in Mogoșoaia. Thus, even though the Center was initially designed to respond to energy sustainability training requests from schools in Bucharest Metropolitan Area, in 2016 it has already become known at a national level: teachers and students from Ramnicu Valcea visited the center and also over 50 geography teachers and 60 students from Calarasi County, eager to learn about a Romania green building and living project.  Similarly, within three months of its launch event, the Center welcomed international visitors as well (i.e. students in architecture and design from Turkey, Kosovo, India, Italy, Albania and Germany who were attending a workshop in Bucharest called MEDS - Bucharest City of Contrasts, as well as a group of representatives of donor organizations and NGOs from Hungary, Serbia, Ukraine and USA who were attending the Inspire Conference in Bucharest). Our long collaboration with the US Embassy in Bucharest brought at Green Mogo a group of representatives from the US Diplomatic Mission in Bucharest. But Green Mogo is not just for students: in 2016, over 350 employees of Romstal, an important Romania company,  attended sustainability courses at Green Mogo Center and also became a sponsor of the project. The Green Mogo Center gained recognition from the local stakeholders as an important landmark of our community and Greenitiative was invited by the City Hall to become a founding member of the Local Action Group, thus recognizing our relevance to one of the communities in Ilfov County.


The workshops and the building process were video documented and ”how it’s made” films were published on the YouTube Channel Centrul Green Mogo. Following the same goal to expand the outreach beyond the initial target group, English subtitles were added to the published movies, in order to reach an international audience. 

Also, our ongoing activities and projects carried out at the Green Mogo Center are reflected extensively through the Center web site as well as through its Facebook page.